Graphesent Anim

Innovative flowchart and diagramming software

Diagram types

Diagrams similar to Flowcharts.

Diagrams similar to Mind maps.

Other diagram types.

Key features

Quick and elegant creation of flowcharts, mind maps, etc.

Creation of animated diagrams.

Professional still diagrams.

For whom

Busy and need to communicate in a graphical form.

Who care about mobile audience.

Who care about presentations.


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When diagram-based animations?

  • Sometimes a readable diagram does not fit a mobile screen.

  • Sometimes the flow of animation can guide the viewer through the chart.

  • Sometimes it is important to give information piece by piece and in a logical order.

  • It is easy to create animations from diagrams with Graphesent Anim.
    (There is an automatic functionality in addition to manual)

  • Graphesent Anim can create 2D or 3D or 360° VR animations.

Why quick diagram creation?

  • Sometimes time is money or productivity.

  • You can save your energy for more important works.

  • An intelligent responsive drawing engine is the key.

  • Give drawing engine of Graphesent Anim a try and
    compare it with some competitor software such as Visio or Lucidchart.

Why beautiful chart creation?

  • A quick and dirty solution is not desirable for presentations or communication.

  • A good job deserves a good presentation.

  • Elegance of a diagram improves convey of information.

  • It improves how your work is perceived.

Ecosystem suggestions
(Not always needed)

The hybrid approach for quick creation of charts with connecting lines

Automatic, smart and responsive rerouting of connections

  • The user decides the position of elements.

  • Graphesent Anim routes the connections and also dynamically reroutes the connections after a change in a smart and responsive way.

  • This hybrid approach between the user and Graphesent Anim is specifically designed to improve speed of diagram creation.
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Buy or try

Graphesent Anim has two modes

  • Evaluation mode: despite being limited in some ways, can help you evaluate the software before making any payments.

  • Premium mode: requires a premium license for Graphesent Anim. Buy a premium license for Graphesent Anim.

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Conclusion and learning path

Graphesent Anim has taken a different approach to tackle the problem of time consuming task of creating diagrams similar to flowcharts, mind maps and etc. and it has done so without sacrificing the elegance of diagrams. Also it has distinguished itself by targeting the problem of big diagrams on small mobile screens and therefor assisting visualization of workflows or processes on mobile devices which can be helpful for many people including managers, employees and university professors, researchers and students. Graphesent Anim relies on geometric and relational processing to achieve its tasks including its cutting edge drawing engine. Even a small problem like colors has been specially addressed for decreased time and increased beauty. The tutorial How to draw flowcharts quickly using Graphesent Anim software is a good starting point to learn about Graphesent Anim if you do not have the time to read the more detailed Graphesent Anim user's manual and don't forget that Graphesent Anim comes with a very good sample which can help you get used to the software.

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