Graphesent Anim
Intelligent diagram visualization software

Diagram types

Diagrams similar to Flowcharts.

Diagrams similar to Mind maps.

Other diagram types.

Key features

Quick creation of diagrams using
an intelligent responsive drawing engine.

Automatic creation of animations from diagrams.

Professional diagrams without animations.

Main usages

Complementary tool for presentations.

Complementary tool for reports and publications.

Complementary tool for information communication and content marketing.

More info

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Why diagram-based animations?

  • Presentations may benefit from diagram-based animations.

  • Sometimes a readable diagram does not fit a mobile screen.

  • The flow of animation can guide the viewer through the diagram.

  • Sometimes it's good to focus on part of information.

  • Animations can be created automatically (with smart analysis) or defined by the user.

  • Animations can be 2D or 3D or 360° VR.

Why Quick diagram creation?

  • Sometimes time is money or productivity.

  • You can save your energy for more important works.

  • An intelligent responsive drawing engine is the key.

Why 3D?

  • 3D is cool but is hard to create. Instead convert 2D diagrams to 3D animations automatically.

  • Connections are hard to follow in 3D. Instead use the flow of animation.


  • Online video service: Vimeo or Youtube.
  • Video post-processing software: Shotcut (free) or Premiere Pro
  • Complementary presentation software: PowerPoint or Google slides.
    (If you experience poor video playback in PowerPoint try fixing video codecs for Windows media player using a trusted resource).
  • Image post-processing software: (free) or Photoshop
  • Audio recording and editing software: Audacity (free)

Quick creation

Automatic, smart and responsive rerouting of connections

  • The user decides the position of elements.

  • Graphesent Anim routes the connections and also dynamically reroutes the connections after a change in a smart and responsive way.

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Graphesent Anim has two modes

  • Evaluation mode: despite being limited in some ways, can help you evaluate the software before making any payments.

  • Premium mode: requires a premium license for Graphesent Anim. Buy a premium license for Graphesent Anim.

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